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you sudo you™

“…in awe of what you’ve done with JS.”

Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript.

We build tools...

Powerful tools for developers, admins, and analysts.

Sherpa™: The Cloud Programmer's Workbench


Sherpa is an interactive programming workbench.

Invoke, query, stream, read, mock; Sherpa gives you interactive access to your APIs, data stores, event streams, and more.

Explore, iterate, script, and automate your API and data-related tasks, then share as Sherpa Runbooks and ScriptApps.

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TIBET™: The Markup-Driven App Platform


TIBET is our low-code app development platform.

Drag-and-drop applications together with markup, not code.

TIBET is a low-code framework with unmatched scope and flexibility. With a complete client stack, server, and tool suite TIBET is the sum of the parts, not some of the parts.